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Leasing Management consulting 


There's a saying that claims, "it's not what you know, it's who you know". Not so in the world of commercial real estate. You need both to keep clients ahead of an intensely‐competitive, continuously‐evolving marketplace...especially one as large and opportunity‐laden as the greater New York area.

As one of the largest, and fast‐growing commercial real estate companies on Long Island, and around the tri‐state region, Long Island Industrial Management knows every facet of this extremely lucrative market. Our experienced professionals utilize this knowledge and today's most sophisticated technologies to keep our clients aware of imminent market shifts, changing regulations, ownership turnover, expansion opportunities, outsourcing options, consolidations, and numerous other factors that can significantly affect the health of your business.

To help you plan for and meet these challenges, Long Island Industrial Management provides the full spectrum of quality consulting services, including:

  • Appraisals
  • Valuation
  • Market Research
  • Portfolio Optimization/Real Estate Development
  • Realty Tax Evaluation
  • Lease Cost Projections
  • Business Location Assistance
  • Development Feasibility Analysis
  • Incentives Negotiation
  • Organization & Process Design
  • Due Diligence

Let our knowledge give your company the power to stay ahead of your competition, and on top of an ever‐changing business landscape.