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Long Island Industrial News

Celebrating Long Island Industrial’s 10 year Anniversary-
Long Island Industrial is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this coming year with a brand new website.  It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate, Long Island Industrial’s strong ownership and long standing commitment to Long Island and to thank all of its tenants for their continued loyalty and support through the years.  Long Island Industrial’s commitment to excellence is further evidenced by the 250,000 square feet of lease renewals that it has completed to date in 2009. 

Providing Creative Solutions for Excellence-
One key to Long Island Industrial’s unprecedented success is its unique ability to work with its existing tenants to establish a solution that addresses their long term goals and business needs as they arise in this ever changing business environment.  Two recent examples of this are LANGER BIOMECHANICS and VELUX AMERICA INC.  In each case Long Island Industrial was able to accommodate the tenant’s changing space and infrastructure needs by relocating the tenants to other space in its Long Island Portfolio of 36 buildings and structuring new lease terms that accommodated the tenant’s business needs.  These are two examples of Long Island Industrial’s willingness and ability to provide creative solutions to retain tenants.  Long Island Industrial will work with each and every tenant to provide them with the space that their business needs to be successful, whether it is expanding, relocating or downsizing.  

One of Long Island Industrial’s buildings is home to YARDI, the leader in real estate investment management and property management software.

LONG ISLAND INDUSTRIAL, the landlord to corporate America, placed INTRANS GROUP, an International technology company, within the portfolio, providing them with a customized North American Head Quarters.  Long Island Industrial works with its tenants to provide for each tenant’s unique requirements

Long Island Industrial is pleased to announce that TERMINIX INTERNATIONAL expanded in Equi Park, Ronkonkoma.

Congratulations to CONSUMER KITCHEN & BATH which has been a tenant since 1985.  Long Island Industrial is proud of its ability to sustain their long term tenants; CONSUMER KIITCHEN & BATH occupies over 150,000sf and has been a loyal tenant for 25 years.

Long Island Industrial announces it has signed ULTIMATE GAGA a unique new children’s sports arena and party venue at 575 Underhill Blvd., Syosset NY.